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H1GHR: 박재범을 움직이게하는 원동력과 새 레이블 설립 비하인드 스토리 


글 Jimin Yoon  


2016년 엄청난 양의 음악 활동과 그에 따른 성과를 보여주며 ‘제 14회 한국대중음악상 올해의 음악인상’을 거머쥔 박재범. 정상에 오른 그에게 더이상 올라갈 곳은 없어 보였다.


그러나 박재범은 얼마전 새 레이블 H1GHR MUSIC의 설립을 발표함과 동시에 시애틀 ‘2017 Upstream Music Festival and Summit’에서의 쇼케이스까지 마치며 새 도전의 시작을 밝혔다.


아이돌 데뷔부터 AOMG, 그리고 H1GHR MUSIC의 설립까지. 그를 끊임없이 움직이게하고 도전하게 하는 원동력과 H1GHR MUSIC설립의 비하인드 스토리를 THE CUT에서 독점 인터뷰했다.


Sik-K, pH-1, GroovyRoom, Woogie, Jarv Dee, Yultron, Raz Simone, P.H.E. Reds, Avatar Darko와 함께 끝없이 발전해 나갈 박재범의 H1GHR MUSIC에 기대를 모아본다.



사진제공 Aston 'Husumu' Hwang


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H1GHR: Founder and artist Jay Park's vision for 'H1GHR MUSIC'


by Soy Kim 


“I’m just trying to be a positive influence.” It’s a humble opening statement for innovator Jay Park. In just a few years, he has transformed from a talented solo artist to an international, multi-platinum recording artist, while simultaneously fostering the growth of Korea’s leading independent R&B and hip-hop label, AOMG.  


On the heels of receiving numerous accolades for his cultural contributions, Jay Park remains committed to growing the next generation. He and producer Cha Cha Malone are the forces behind the new music label, H1GHR MUSIC RECORDS. The label developed as an organic answer to fostering a community for unsigned talent with whom they had collaborated previously.


H1GHR's roster includes Korean artists Sik-K, pH-1, GroovyRoom, and Woogie. Yultron, Raz Simone, Jarv Dee, Avatar Darko, and Phe R.E.D.S. make up H1GHR’s international line-up, representing Los Angeles and Seattle, the hometown of the co-founders.  


The inaugural Upstream Music Festival and Summit in Seattle marked the label’s first public performance. Of his vision for H1GHR, Jay shares:

“I’d like to see more artists have good opportunities. People who have what it takes – the talent, the right mindset – I want these people to shine. I want their families and friends to be proud of them, to root for them, to see all of them grow.”

Check out the full exclusive interview with THE CUT for more.



Additional photography by Aston 'Husumu' Hwang


[THE CUT exclusive]

Blojot2 2017.05.17 03:09  
진짜  gridin 해서 재범이형이랑 일한다! 진짜 기획하는 거부터 음악의뿌리가 느껴져요 형
예술가는 누군가를 자극할 수 있어야 한데요
매곡마다 자극되요 형 힘!!!
꼭 형이 꿈꾸는 날이 빨리 오시길!!!
Mimi 2017.05.17 07:44  
Always.On.My.Grind.. 우와.. 열일하시네요 진짜.. this interview makes me respect Jay Park all the more for his efforts to bring talented individuals the exposure and recognition they deserve. Artists like him really inspire me to become a more honest and original musician. They don't sacrifice honesty in order to relate with the more popular K-pop trends.. I've been waiting all year, thinking to myself: "Man, I wish pH-1 would join a label where he'd really be able to shine and grow in.. no, I just wish they'd actually make a label for artists like us who have this different global vision in general." I'm so excited because I know that this is another step in the right direction towards global integration and expansion of hip hop culture. 제가 정말 자랑스럽고 좋은 음악 항상 감사합니다. 장래에도 H1GHRMUSIC과 함께 일하고 싶습니다!! 매일 좋은 일만 가득하시길 바랍니다. ✨