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다재다능한 아티스트진보(Jinbo)’의 귀환

Soy Kim 번역 Ella Kim



노래, 작곡 뿐만 아니라 다양한 악기 연주까지, 넓은 장르적 스펙트럼을 보여주는 음악씬의 카멜레온진보(Jinbo)’. 그는 원래 계속 알앤비에 빠져있었다. ‘진보는 첫 LP [Afterwork] 2011년 제8회 한국대중음악상 알앤비소울 음반 부문에서 최우수상을 수상하며 이름이 알려졌지만, 사실 그는 음악을 시작한지 벌써 12년이 되었다. 오랜 휴식을 가졌던진보 [KRNB]라는 앨범과 함께 돌아왔다. 현재 발매하는 EP [KRNB2]는 한국의 클래식한 올드스쿨을 지금의 리스너들에 맞게 재구성하여 만든 앨범이다. 이 시리즈에서진보는 트랙을 만들면서 어떤 생각들을 했는지, 그 과정과 비하인드 스토리를 공개한다.


사진제공 임대영

자막 Changstarr



[THE CUT exclusive]



A bit of a chameleon in the Korean music scene, ‘JINBO the Superfreak’ sings, produces, and performs multiple instruments across a spectrum of genres. Active in the scene for years, Jinbo remains dedicated to this craft, preferring to release his music only when it feels just right. His Korean delivery is as smooth as his English delivery, and he is most at home within R&B. His first LP, [Afterwork] received the Korean Music Award for Best R&B/Soul Album in 2011.


After a long hiatus, JINBO makes his return with the follow-up to his last EP, [KRNB]. His upcoming EP, [KRNB2], is a compilation of old and new Korean classics, reinvented for the modern listener.


The Cut was able to sit in with Jinbo during a few jam sessions with contributors to the album.  Guests such as Hoody, G Soul, and Sumin, accompanied by Docskim on piano, join the sessions doing songs of their own and covers as well.  


Watch and listen to the magic that took place on Jeju Island exclusively on The Cut.  


Additional photography by 임대영 

Subtitles by Changstarr



[THE CUT Exclusive]

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